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It is about assessing different facets of your life. Where is your health at? Have you got a medical condition? What is your health and lifestyle like? What environment do you live in? What is your emotional state? What are the factors limiting your progression toward the condition you wish to be in?

10 benefits of the accompaniment:

  • Health improvement or maintenance
  • Increase of physical and intellectual performances
  • Increase of physical and intellectual performances
  • Mood stabilisation
  • Better stress management
  • Increase of the anti-infectious and immune defenses
  • Correction of the micro-nutritional deficiencies
  • Help in detoxification and repair
  • Improvement of health condition and as such life expectancy
  • Improvement of self-knowledge


You will come out of this first consultation with a better understanding of how your body and mind function. Importantly, you will be able to better define and understand food habits corrections to improve your health and lifestyle.

The consult time is 1 hour:  87€

Follow up consultation

The follow up consultations will aim at answering all your potential questions and adjusting the practical aspects of your very own journey. The follow up can only be done after the first consultation. By choosing the « follow up » mode, you decide of the frequency of the consultations and therefore the pace of your progress toward a durable state of well-being.

The consultation time is 30 minutes: 57€


This mode of consultation will allow you to save time in your pursuit for well-being thanks to the analysis and correction of the nutritional deficiencies.

The personal accompaniment over 1 month will allow you to perceive, understand the way you operate and to start to put in practice the recommendations. Price: 167€

Three months will allow you to understand and make the most of the practical advices and applications and as such fully appreciate the results. Price: 497€

Six months will allow you to go further in the application of our practice which you will integrate durably, you will be more autonomous in the choices you will make to improve your health. Price: 997€