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About nutritherapy

Nutritherapy is not an alternative medicine, it rather relies on biochemistry and its practical application for which benefits are supported by thousands of studies.

Nutritherapy has a considerable power of prevention and it is the most important way of extending one’s healthy life. It is unavoidable even when it cannot be used as the only treatment for a medical condition. This is because other techniques are very demanding for the patient, so his energy levels and cellular processes need to be boosted to their maximum potential.

The positive approach of the food advisory group associated to the appropriation of the techniques for behaviours change are having an impact for our capacity for a better life for all.

The food supplements will be only required if the nutritional intake cannot be ensured by normal food.

Nutritherapy is expressed through positive advices: good habits can easily take over bad ones. It is about introducing gradually new habits for a long term change. Balancing instinctual but also addictive behaviours with healthier habits. Reducing toxic loads through different ways such as physical action, ergonomics, tools for stress management or a supporting group…

It optimises the body’s functions, prevents and treats health conditions using techniques for changing food related behaviours. The method is suited to each person thanks to the analysis and correction of the nutritional deficiencies through the pharmacological usage of food: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, phytonutrients.

About Neuro-nutrition

Neuro-nutrition is at the crossroads of several disciplines including nutrition: health food, food supplements, neurosciences, neuro-immunology, neuro-psychobiology, chronobiology and modern cognitive psychology, yoga, meditation….

Neuro-nutrition aims to meet nutritional needs, optimise functions of the brain and the psyche.

It is a global approach combining all dimensions of the human being: holistic vision. Ensuring consistency with the concepts and to apply them for a better self. It offers potential for evolution, correction, follow up and optimisation of the functions of the mind. It is about caring for your health for the purpose of prevention and healing.

It allows anyone facing new challenges to fight e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity (AD/HD), it needs to be integrated in a global health scheme: Unity of Body and Mind.

It offers the potential to correct mood disorders by correcting the gut microbiome.