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Why I do what I do?

Passionate about human and wellbeing, I was working in the beauty and personal care industry for more than 20 years when a health condition stopped me from doing my professional activities.

Now, I can turn this painful experience into a strength allowing me to share my knowledge and experience with the people on the path of civilization diseases. Diseases linked with the way we live our lives include immune system disorder, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancers, autism, micro nutritional deficiencies. I propose to prevent and fight these using healthy diet and additional natural remedies if necessary. This practice is recognised to maintain or improve people’s health.


My specialty is to help individuals in implementing the theoretical health recommendations practically. I take advantage of my background including 3 years of healthy cooking classes, live food, gluten free, lactose free, allergen free and hypotoxic diet.

I provide consultations with or without health professionals. Patients can attend my practice in person in Bordeaux or via visioconference. The first consultation is usually the stepping stone toward more help through more consultations but my practice can also be attended as a one off consultation, whichever best suits each person. This allows us to adapt to each individual the implementation pace of a new set of healthy practices. My follow up consultations guarantee a successful outcome on the medium to long term. I also routinely intervene on demand for the purpose of prevention. Truly enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and experiences on diet and health for the benefit of others, I have led a number of events including conferences on the practice of fasting. For a wider impact, I also enjoy transferring my knowledge to chefs and professionals of the food industry.


Is to stay busy to not worry and my philosophy coincides with Hyppocrate’s famous quote: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

With a thirst for both theoretical and practical knowledge, I trained myself over the years and received education from of recognised doctors. Firstly, Dr Jean-Paul Curtay taught me about nutritherapy. I could testify of the adequateness of his messages, as I easily noted that what I ate was directly influencing my symptoms while I was ill. It was essential for me to understand why and how my organism is reacting.

After this and to better understand the essential needs of my brain, I chose to train myself in neuro nutrition with Dr Olivier Coudron from the Scientific Institut for Intelligent Nutrition. This training complemented the skills I acquired previously with Dr Joe Dispenza on neuroplasticity of the brain.
At the same time, I followed numerous seminars by Dr Olivier Soulier which allowed me to understand how our upbringing, psychology, and environment influence our life choices and our health. I engaged with him directly in a perfecting program in the understanding of diseases and their meaning and how they can translate in our body language.

Best suited food, sometime is not enough to regain a micro nutritional balance, I received a special training on natural health products at the “Academie de l’Apothicaire in Montréal”. This training is recognised by the faculté de pharmacy at Trois Rivières, Québec.

Because theory only brings value when put in practice, I followed courses on healthy cooking over 3 years. With “Catherine Oudot Cuisine Vitalité”, I learnt how to master cooking meals free of gluten and lactose. I also engaged with “Nadia Sammut Cuisine Libre” to learn allergen free cooking and “HySeQua” to learn the safety and hygiene rules in the food industry.

I also gained significant experience while assisting Dr Hugues Saint Amand when I accompanied him in his practice looking at micronutrition.


Is to stay busy to not worry and my philosophy coincides with Hyppocrate’s famous quote: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Contact me using this form or using social networks and I will be happy to help you.